ACME Sykes Pumps® Parts

…call 1-800-622-9355 or 813-752-3137

ACME Sykes Pump® Parts - O.E.M parts direct from the original supplier and manufacture to the Americas for your Dry Prime Pump, Sewage Sewer Bypass pump, Trash Pump and any Sykes  Pump, formerly known as Acme Sykes. Acme Dynamics, is the original manufacturer of pumps sold in the U.S. since 1957. We have a large inventory of of many and Sykes  Pump Parts. We are conveniently located in Plant City, Florida.

ACME Sykes Pumps® Parts fax line direct: 1-813-676-8500
Technical assistance on repairs and product selection.

Pump Models: UV/UNIVAC, GP, AP, DP, QZ

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